kaidez 2017 site redesign

Kai takes a simplistic approach to updating his blog, using Jekyll, GitHub Pages, BEM CSS, a little bit of React, webpack and Yarn.

The State of JavaScript

React/Redux are part of JavaScript's progression to a full application language. Study this progression to prepare yourself for the future.

Click To Tweet Tutorial Update

kaidez’s click to Tweet tutorial is updated to be shorter, more readable, provide information faster & demonstrate some window.location JavaScript tricks.

kaidez 2015 site redesign

kaidez.com uses underscores to create a custom Swiss-style Wordpress theme for his blog’s new design. webpack and gulp manage the JS/CSS build process.

Write Code Every F–king Day!

The best way to learn web development is to try and write at least one piece of code a day, especially if the code is JavaScript.

Goodbye, Revlon

After almost ten years, I'm leaving Revlon to pursue a exciting new opportunity.

AJAX Tutorial Update

kaidez's old AJAX tutorial was updated. jQuery AJAX is discussed in depth and there's a short discussion on JavaScript Promises.

GitHub Tutorial Update

kaidez's Git/GitHub tutorial is updated to be shorter, provide information faster and by providing 2 new links to the learning resource list

kaidez 2013 Site Redesign

kaidez.com uses Jekyll as a blog engine, Grunt as a task runner, RequireJS for modular JavaScript management, & Bower for package management

New Mitchum Project I Worked On

The new Mitchum site was developed with HTML5 using HTML5 Boilerplate, Visual Studio 2010 with NuGet, CSS and some light jQuery

Off I Go To MIX11/Las Vegas!

A list of front-end web development courses that kaidez will take at MIX11 2011 and brief explanations of some other courses available

Im Going To Mix11/Las Vegas!

Kai Gittens, (kaidez) will be at Microsoft's Mix11 Conference in Las Vegas in April 2011 and will be at the HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery bootcamps

HTML5 Project Update: 1/21/11

My HTML5 Project will use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Modernizr, maybe CSS PIE, and will be a portfolio of my work and experiments.

Welcome Back!!!!!!!!

kaidez.com is no longer a blog that focuses on soccer/footie...it now focuses on web development.