HTML5 Project Update: 1/21/11

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My HTML5 Project is a centerpiece of this blog. I’ve been slacking on it but I’ve now made some decisions:

I’m going to create a personal portfolio of my web design/development work: both at Revlon and freelance. My initial goal was to create another blog, but I struggled to find a topic. Plus, I want to monetize it which meant doing a lot of research in order find the right topic.

I don’t want to rush the research process and want to make the right decision in terms of a monetized blog, but I also want to start developing in HTML5 now. Therefore, creating an HTML5 portfolio site seems to be the right move for now.

That being said, here’s my plan for said site:


  • reading many of the various articles at HTML5 Doctor.
  • thoroughly review sites featured at HTML5 Gallery to get a firm understanding of the proper HTML5 layout.
  • create site wireframes.
  • create a simple site architectural document. research WordPress page layout to understand the best way to convert it to HTML5
  • create site mock-ups.
  • start developing.

Firm development techniques will be:

  • implementing CSS3.
  • using both the jQuery and Modernizr JavaScript libraries.
  • hand-coding in Dreamweaver to take advantage of its great HTML5 code-hinting

Two things I haven’t made a firm decision on:

  • whether or not to use CSS3 PIE…it’s good for what it does but doesn’t do much right now. Plus, it might conflict with Modernizr.
  • whether or not to use WordPress…I need to be 100% positive that I can regularly ad content to this site, and this will be tough to do with a kid. Otherwise, static PHP pages will be fine for now.

That’s it!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!

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