CNN calls the do not track option a "Google killer"

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CNN wrote a pretty decent article yesterday on the FTC’s proposed “do not track” option. The government agency is calling for the creation of a web browser plug-in that allows endusers to block their information from being collected by third parties.

The positive of this is increased enduser privacy, which is a growing concern. The negative is the cascading effect it could have on business, especially for companies like Google that track user information in order to properly target ads to consumers.

Other companies that follow this business model include Facebook, CNN, Amazon, etc. And of course, bloggers that depend on generated ad revenue (like me) would be in trouble.

The article does say that the government realizes the potential negative effects this proposal could have so it’s likely that won’t pass. It goes on to say that the FTC is really going after companies “that use consumers’ data without them being aware of it.”

I believe that this bill would have a negative effect on business if passed so I ‘m not going to support it. But internet privacy is a big concern to everyone so I’m not mad at those that do support it.

My opinion comes from knowing how this stuff works so let me just say this: if you want to limit people tracking and scrutinizing your every online move, then don’t be a dumba!!!** Don’t surf around for questionable content (and I think you can determine what that is on your own) and you’ll be fine.

The CNN story is here…and feel free to agree or disagree with my opinion.

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