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I’m still coding but haven’t blogged in awhile. So it’s time to not only get back to blogging but to also redesign this blog. Here’s the whole story…

How This Blog Began

The current incarnation of kaidez.com started off with the premise that it would focus mostly on HTML5. It was new at the time and I knew only a little about it

The plan was to use this blog as an outlet to share what I learned about HTML5 as as I was trying stuff out. I dubbed the this plan “The HTML5 Project.”

I’m not taking a Mark Zuckerberg standpoint on HTML5 and say that I placed too much faith in HTML5. But I am saying that I didn’t understand it in its proper context.

Learning HTML5 Structure

The big thing at the time of this site launch was the difference in HTML5′s structure when compared to previous incarnations of HTML…things like the <article> and <section> tags. And while there was certainly a learning curve in understanding this structure, it was certainly easier to learn than other web development things.

I had access to a really good premium learning outlet that taught me the structure (thanks James), then it was just a matter of actually writing out the code. From there, I would just reference both the web developer and web author versions of the spec if I had questions. I would then look online if I needed more in-depth analysis on certain HTML5 aspect: HTML5 Doctor was usually the first stop.

Focusing More On JavaScript

The point is, HTML5 structure can be figured out once you learn the syntax, then actually implement it a few times…I did all that and it became second nature to me afterwards. But it’s the HTML5/HTML5-related APIs that took some figuring out, things like the History API, offline syncing and whatnot.

Figuring all that required getting better at JavaScript and that’s where I shifted my learning focus. Learning JS is tough and frustrating at times but it’s also a ton of fun. A more simplistic view: JavaScript allow you to do cool sh*t inside of a web browser with the help of cool tools on the development level and awesome runtime libraries and frameworks…I’m not perfect at JavaScript but I get better at it everyday.

JavaScript wasn’t the only thing I focused on: CSS stuff such as preprocessors, media queries and CSS animations got my attention, too. It’s just that I ended up focusing on JavaScript a little more.

Moving Forward With A New Site

In order to implement all I learned, I’ll be redoing kaidez.com. Specifically, the site will be redesigned and get a radical change on the backend…read about that here. Also, the HTML5 Project is no more…this site redesign will fully use HTML5 structure so I’ll consider the project done as soon as it relaunches. I’ll also be discussing the aforementioned development-level tooling, which made things REALLY fun.

After that, I’ll be redoing my GitHub tutorial, then creating a bunch of new posts, including tutorials, coding tips, a review of the “Downloaded” movie and (maybe) a screencast or two.

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!

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