Format Dates with Functional Programming

Use JavaScript functional programming to format dates with the Date() object. Includes a React example.

Click To Tweet Tutorial Update

kaidez’s click to Tweet tutorial is updated to be shorter, more readable, provide information faster & demonstrate some window.location JavaScript tricks.

10 tips for high school students wanting to be web designers/developers-2016 edition

Tips for high schoolers wanting to be web designers/developers while looking at the state of technology education and hiring in 2016.

jQuery: It’s OK To Use It

jQuery allows for too much productivity for web developers to stop using it completely. But they should understand when to use it, and why.

Babel Setup For Beginners

How I set up Babel, Browserify, Babelify & Babel ES2015 presets for web development. Great for Babel beginners. Contains lots of resource links.

The “Head First” Duck Simulator In Typescript

TypeScript recreates the Duck Simulator/Strategy pattern described in the "Head First Design Patterns" book. With lots of resource links.

SCREENCAST: Build Tasks With “npm run”

Watch how I use “npm run” to run HTML, CSS and JavaScript build tasks. An alternative to using Grunt, Gulp and similar tools. 2015 site redesign uses underscores to create a custom Swiss-style Wordpress theme for his blog’s new design. webpack and gulp manage the JS/CSS build process.

Click to Tweet Link Created Dynamically With JS

Tutorial for dynamically creating a click to Tweet link with JavaScript and the window.location object…no hard-coding. With demos and code samples.

Write Code Every F–king Day!

The best way to learn web development is to try and write at least one piece of code a day, especially if the code is JavaScript.