HTML5, SEO and Microdata

HTML5's Microdata feature is a good tactic if properly formatted

My Study Schedule As Of January 26, 2011

How I plan to study HTML5, CSS3 and .NET

Great Video Lecture on WordPress Usability & Analytics

Stefanos Kofopoulos from shares some excellent usability & analytics tips that he applied to his Wordpress-based blog.

HTML5 Project Update: 1/21/11

My HTML5 Project will use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Modernizr, maybe CSS PIE, and will be a portfolio of my work and experiments.

10 Things To Remember About HTML5 Video

HTML5 Video Tips from kaidez

Two JavaScript Tasks That jQuery Does Not Replace

Short article about how jQuery does not have a replacement for JavaScript's document.write and has a not-so-great replacement for its navigator.UserAgent

Read My Article At Inspired Magazine!!!

Kaidez guest post at Inspired Magazine responded to Cameron Chapman's web designer article at Smashing Magazine

TUTORIAL: A Simple, Effective jQuery Image Rollover

A very popular, cross-browser complaint jQuery image rollover

TUTORIAL: A Simple jQuery Image Fade In/Fade Out With A Delay

An easy jQuery tutorial to fade in and fade out two images with a delay

New Almay Project I Worked On

Kaidez developed four micro-sites for Almay using HTML5 video, jQuery, .NET and CSS