REVIEW: Eloquent JavaScript

Great JavaScript book for beginners covering the fundamentals in detail, focusing on how to use them in web applications, not just websites.


How to create/change page elements off-DOM with JavaScript. Discusses createDocumentFragment, cloneNode, appendChild, jQuery .attr() & more.

The kaidez JavaScript Conference Tour: Leg 1: Fluent 2012/San Francisco

Kai discusses what courses and sessions he'll be checking out at the 2012 Fluent JavaScript Conference. Node, and Jasmine are a few of them.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Learn To Use JavaScript Before jQuery

A list of good reasons why it's better to learn JavaScript before jQuery. A short learning resource list at the end to help you get started.

5 Useful JavaScript Books

Great, useful JavaScript books listed from easiest to hardest. Authors include John Resig, Douglas Crockford and Stoyan Stefanov.

TUTORIAL: What NYC Subways Can Teach Us About JavaScript Closures

JavaScript closures tutorial using the New York City subway to explain how they work. With demo, code samples and short reading list.

A Simple Explanation of HTML5

A lengthy but simple explanation of what HTML5 is with suggestions on how business can use it. Very little technical language is used.

SCREENCAST TUTORIAL: JavaScript for() loop That Creates A jQuery Fade In/Fade Out

JavaScript for loop dynamically creates a jQuery fade in/fade out effect with a delay; includes a demo, code sample and screencast tutorial.

REVIEW: HTML5 Games Development by Example: Beginner’s Guide

Great book for learning HTML5 games development as well as web development best practices. Discusses offline storage, Canvas, node.js & more!

Remembering Steve Jobs

kaidez recalls the best about Steve Jobs