New Site I Worked On:

kaidez developed the site using GitHub Atom, Jade, OOCSS, Modernizr’s yepnope functionality, Gulp & Grunt.

Web Components Demo: Templates and (some) Shadow DOM

A Web Components demo using just templates and Shadow DOM, mostly templates. Post includes many links to Web Component learning resources.

REVIEW: Downloaded

The Napster documentary recaps the company’s story and the atmosphere it created, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

TUTORIAL: Jekyll Search with Non-JavaScript/CSS Fallback

jQuery-powered search functionality for a Jekyll site with fallback code if JS or CSS is disabled. Look at the demo before using the code.

Using RequireJS In WordPress

Learn how to use RequireJS in WordPress. Includes a walk-through of how RequireJS works and how WordPress manages JavaScript internally.

GitHub Tutorial Update

kaidez's Git/GitHub tutorial is updated to be shorter, provide information faster and by providing 2 new links to the learning resource list 2013 Site Redesign uses Jekyll as a blog engine, Grunt as a task runner, RequireJS for modular JavaScript management, & Bower for package management

Where I've Been...Upcoming Site Update

A quick update about the status of, including the announcing of a new, upcoming site design.

Media Queries Are Important

CSS3 media queries can help sites perform better in Google search results and the W3C officially recommends them as a web standard.

TUTORIAL: Remove Files From GitHub

Get quick answers first, then learn how Git works with GitHub. This post also has an excellent list of Git/GitHub learning links at the end.