New York Times Article On HTML5: Their New HTML5 Site

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The New York Times was hot stuff in the HTML5 sector of the Twitterverse over the March 26/27 weekend of 2011. Reason being, their “HTML5 Is Breathing New Life Into the Web” article and their new Skimmer site.

The article referenced two other articles: a previous Scientific American article by Tim Berners-Lee and another Wired article co-authored by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff. The cumulative point of the Sci American and Wired pieces was that applications like Facebook and mobile apps operated inside the open web while maintaining and storing information behind a non-searchable wall, which is not what the Word Wide Web is about. HTML5, according to the Times, will deliver most open source web-based apps which will break this wall down.

This article makes lots of big promises on HTML5′s part. As much as I love HTML5, I’ll admit that there’s a slight chance that it won’t live up to the promise highlighted in this article. Technology changes rapidly, so it’s always tough develop standards around it and then proclaim “This is how things will be, forever and always!”

Still, I think HTML5 will go far. Too many in the open source community, including its unspoken leaders like the guys over at HTML5 Doctor and Paul Irish are pushing it through, plus, it makes robust mobile development easier. Also, there are other great HTML5 articles that raising its awareness besides this one, so I think it will be fine.

The article also announced the launch of their HTML5-driven Skimmer site, which provides a scannable layout of snippets of their just published articles. It appears to be implementing a responsive web design, but I couldn’t find any media queries when I checked the CSS code. They could be there and I just didn’t see them…will keep looking.

While it crashed my iPhone, it’s still a good-looking site.

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