Great Video Lecture on WordPress Usability & Analytics

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I came across this really good video over at Stefanos Kofopoulos, founder of the Greece-based lifestyle blog, provides some great tips on creating a better usability experience on a WordPress self-hosted site. Most of the tips are either ones I’ve already implemented on this site, or plan to in the near future after seeing this lecture.

Stefanos also turned me on to two great analytic plug-ins for WP: Chartbeat and CrazyEgg. Both cost money but I see myself trying out their respective trial versions in the near future.

The only thing that I personally disagree with is his suggestion of “ignoring the vocal minority” when it comes to technology. Stefanos referred to the initially low number of end users viewing his site on mobile devices. Based on that experience, he believes that there’s no hurry to create a mobile-friendly version of your site until data shows that you have enough visitors to justify the effort.

I’m an advocate of getting your site to display on as many devices and browsers as possible from the beginning, IE6 included. But this is just my opinion.

Great lecture!! View it below and take notes!!!!!

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