SCREENCAST: Build Tasks With “npm run”

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Using npm run to execute your project's build tasks is an excellent alternative to tools like Grunt and Gulp. I have a personal project I work on in my free time (whenever that is) that uses npm run to run lots of tasks.

Setting it up in my project was easy and most tasks seem to run faster than if I had used Grunt or Gulp. And while I don't see myself never using Grunt and Gulp again, using npm run will be first choice for my near future projects.

There have been a lot of great articles from the JavaScript community on this but some people prefer to learn through video. So I created a quick screencast on how I'm using npm run in my personal project.

I hope you watch the screencast but you should read those articles at some point because I'm basically putting their great content to video. Here they are:

Also, feel free to check out the other screencasts on my YouTube page.


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